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ASCO Numatics 3-2 5-2 Numur Solenoid Valves

ASCO Numatics 3-2 5-2 Numur Solenoid Valves

Pilot operated or air operated, spool type single/dual solenoid or air (mono/bistable function) aluminium body, “NAMUR” style, 1/4

1/ The monostable spool valves have TÜV-EXIDA certified IEC 61508 Functional Safety data and can be used up to SIL 4 (551/TÜV)-SIL 3 (552-553/EXIDA)
2/ The spool valves have threaded port connections and "NAMUR" style interface
3/ The same spool valve can be adapted for 3/2 NC or 5/2 function for controlling double-acting and single-acting actuators
4/ All the exhaust ports of this spool valve are connectable, providing better environmental protection, particularly recommended for sensitive areas such as clean rooms, and applications in the pharmaceutical and food processing sectors
5/ The valve offers environmental protection against the ingress of liquids, dusts or any other foreign matter (environmentally-protected construction)
6/ Epoxy moulded coil for general service applications
7/ The solenoid valves satisfy all relevant EC Directives

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