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Danfoss Pressure Switches

Danfoss Pressure Switches

Danfoss pressure switch ranges have been produced for industrial applications for more than 50 years and today offers the widest range of any manufacturer. The pressure switch range includes components for general industrial use as well as specialised switches for demanding applications.

Danfoss RT pressure switch is designed to match the majority of land and sea applications - the high performance pressure switch. Danfoss RT-E Switches are designated for industrial refrigeration and general industrial application in explosive zones acc. to 94/9/EC, Atex directive, explosive zone 1, for surface equipment, category 2.

With the Danfoss KPS pressure switch series, special attention has been given to meeting important demands for a high level of enclosure, a robust, compact construction and resistance to shock and vibration.

Danfoss CAS pressure switch are pressure-controlled switches. The position of the contacts depends on the pressure in the inlet connection and the set value. special attention has been given to meeting demands for a high level of enclosure, low differential, robust, compact construction and resistance to shock and vibration.

Danfoss KP / KPI pressure switches are designed for gaseous and liquid media - some types are UL, CSA and FM approved. KP / KPI pressure switches offer a compact, robust design, and proven repeatable performance. Covering a range of pressures from 0.14 to 20 bar and with automatic or manual reset capability, they are produced in Danfoss’ ISO 9001 facilities. The switches are very appealing to customers who want safety, longevity and value, and a welcome offering industrial boiler manufacturers.

Danfoss  MBC 5000 / 5100 pressure switch range - impossible to visually differentiate from the switches in the low pressure ranges - uses a completely new piston to convert the pressure. The pressure conversion by means of a piston forms the basis for the extraordinarily long mechanical lifetime of the switch. Another feature is the extended temperature range, allowing the switch to operate also at lower ambient temperatures.
- Pressure ranges 16 to 160 bar, 25 to 250 bar, 50 to 400 bar                           
- Extraordinary mechanical lifetime (>1 mill. cycles)
- High reliability
- High switch point accuracy by repeating cycles
- Ambient temperatures down to -40°c (-40°F)
- High stability and vibration-durability
- Marine approvals such as LR, GL, DNV, BV, ABS, KRS, NKK 
The high pressure switch is used in industries where high reliability and long lifetime is of utmost importance i.e. ships and wind turbines.
Typical applications are monitoring of motors, gearboxes, pumps and compressors.

Danfoss CS pressure switches have a three-pole switch and adjustable differential. For automatic start and stop of air compressors and water boosters.

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