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Danfoss Temperature Sensors

Danfoss Temperature Sensors

Danfoss temperature sensors are designed for heavy-duty applications and are based upon decades of global experience within the marine industry and in refrigeration plants - among the toughest environments.

Danfoss wide sensor range comprises solutions for:
• Marine equipment (MBT 5250/5252/5116/5113 series)
• Mobile hydraulic equipment (MBT 3270 series)
• Railway equipment (MBT 5310/5252/3270 series)
• Water pumps and air compressors (MBT 3270/5250 series)
• Industrial engines (MBT 3270/5250/5111 series)
• Industrial hydraulics (MBT 3270 series)
• Sterilisers and autoclaves (MBT 153/5253 series)
• Boiler and boiler room equipment (MBT 5252/5250/5410 series)
• Wind turbines (MBT 5250/5310 series)
• Gen sets (MBT 5250/5252/5116/5111 series)

The range includes different versions with measuring ranges from -50°C to 800°C.
MBT 5113 and MBT 5116 for measuring and regulating exhaust gas in stationary and marine equipment like diesel engines, turbines and compressors, among others.
MBT 5250 and MBT 5252 for measuring and regulating temperature in piping systems and refrigeration plant on ships – or at all points where reliable, robust and accurate equipment is required.

These temperature sensors include Pt-sensing elements which are passive components and therefore classified as a simple apparatus. As such they cannot be approved according to the ATEX directive.
Included in the Danfoss programme is the temperature transmitter, MBT 9110, which is a terminal block version in accordance with the ATEX directive.

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