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Danfoss Contactors - Motor Starters

Danfoss Contactors - Motor Starters

Danfoss contactors CI-TI™ and motor starters provide trouble-free switching and maximum protection for your costly motors and other electrical equipment. These motor control gear components are compact, easy to install and extremely reliable. They have been designed to meet our customers’ requirements, based on comprehensive application experience. More than sixty years of manufacturing experience ensure that Danfoss contactors, mini contactors and motor starters stand out with regards to quality and long life.

Danfoss circuit breakers CTI for short circuit - and overload protection of motor applications, covering the current range from 0.1 to 90 A AC-3 rating. 

Danfoss contactor CI ranges CI4, CI5, CI6, CI9, CI12, CI15, CI16, CI20, CI25, CI30 and CI61 up to CIEI420 which includes mini contactors from 2.2. to 4 kW and control relays/ contactors from 2.2 to 238 kW.

Danfoss electronic motor starter MCI CL with integrated protection and control features. Offers better reduction of starting current than traditional star/delta starter.

Danfoss electronic soft starter CI-tronic™ MCI and TCI products cover the range 3 to 25Amp (1.5-11 kW),  have a universal 24 - 480V AC/DC control voltage, and come complete with heat sink and DIN rail mounting bracket.

Danfoss electronic timers ATI, BTI, MTI and SD with their robust design and many built-in functions are ideal for OEMs and panel builders.

Danfoss thermal overload range TI 9C, TI 16C, TI 25C, TI 30C, TI 80 & TI 86 are used with the contactor range CI 4 - CI 86 to give protection of squirrel-cage motors. The Danfoss electronic motor protection relays TI 180E and TI 630E give effective protection of electric motors exposed to thermal overload, phase failure and asymmetrical load.

As well as Danfoss electro-mechanical contactors, circuit breakers, timers and thermal overload relays, Danfoss innovative CI-tronic™ electronic soft starters and contactors provide you with ultimate power control. 

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