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Danfoss High Performance Valves

Danfoss High Performance Valves

Danfoss solenoid valves - direct or servo-operated are used for a large number of industrial applications where a simple and reliable solution is a must. This new high performance Danfoss solenoid valve range EV210B, EV215B, EV220B, EV222B, EV224B, EV225B, EV245B (EVJHS), EV250B, EV260B and EV310B (EVI, EVSI) can be used in all kinds of tough applications. 
The new range of small EV210B, EV310B 2/2 and 3/2 way Danfoss direct operated valves are ideal for applications such as compressors, autoclaves, bakeries, food processing equipment, water treatment, washing plants and boilers.

Danfoss valves are available with EPDM, FKM and NBR seals and operate up to 30 bar and up to 185ºC.
For Water applications you can choose EPDM, NBR, or FKM, note that the present FKM material is limited to 60º C.
The NBR is applicable up to 90º C, and the EPDM can be used for hot water and even low pressure steam up to 140º C. 
For Air or Oil you can choose either NBR or FKM.
For high pressure steam up to 10 Bar and 185º C PTFE is applicable.


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