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Danfoss Heavy Duty Pressure Transducers


Reliable pressure measurement in hydraulic applications poses a number of demanding conditions on the pressure measuring device. Utilising our extensive experience in both Hydraulic and Industrial markets, Danfoss have specifically designed Pressure Transducer products to satisfy these demands. 

High Temperature
Mobile Hydraulic systems, by their very nature, have to operate with relatively small quantities of hydraulic oil in comparison with static systems. The net result is an operational demand that can see the hydraulic oil temperature exceed 100°C. The Danfoss MBS 2250/3200/3250 Pressure Transducer ranges offer a capability up to 125°C 

High Pressure
In addition to high temperature the system is also characterised by high transient pressure peaks. These transients can cause severe over pressure of the pressure sensor element and can lead to product failure or permanent over pressure readings. The incorporation of a "Pulse Snubber" fitted within the pressure transmitter process fitting protects the sensor from these damaging transients. 

Electrical Integrity
The selection of the electrical connection is of utmost importance for mobile hydraulic applications, the failure of which is recognised as one of the mains sensor failure modes. The Danfoss MBS transducer range are available with a wide selection of connection options which can provide ingress protection up to IP69K (steam jet proof). 

The true heavy duty range

  • Designed for use on heavy duty off road equipment
  • For temperatures up to 125°C
  • Protected against cavitation, liquid hammering and pressure peaks
  • Pressure ranges up to 600 bar 
  • Wide range of electrical connections and plugs available.
  • All wetted parts in 316 SS
  • High accuracy – temperature compensated, linearized and laser adjusted.

Standard UK Transmitters

060G1021 G1/2 female to G1/4 male Adapter
060G1022 G1/2 female to G1/4 (DIN3852) male Adapt
060G1023 G1/2 female to G3/8 male Adapter
060G1024 G1/2 female to 1/4 Flare male Adapter
060G1027 G1/2 female to 1/4 NPT male Adapter
060G1028 G1/2 female to M18x1.5 male Adapter
060G1105 MBS 3000-2611-1AB04 
060G1106 MBS 3000-2811-1AB04    
060G1107 MBS 3000-3011-1AB04    
060G1109 MBS 3000-3611-1AB04. 0-400BAR     
060G1110 MBS 3000-3811-1AB04     
060G1111 MBS 3000-3411-1AB04    
060G1112 MBS 3000-3211-1AB04. 0-160BAR    
060G1113 MBS 3000-1011-1AB04    
060G1122 MBS 3000-1411-1AB04     
060G1123 MBS 3000-1611-1AB04    
060G1124 MBS 3000-1811-1AB04. (0-6BAR) 4-20MA 
060G1125 MBS 3000-2011-1AB04. (0-10 BAR) 4-20MA  
060G1133 MBS 3000-2211-1AB04 (0-16BAR) 4-20MA 
060G1153 MBS 3050-3411-1FB04   
060G1226 MBS 32-1815-1AB08  
060G1228 MBS 32-2215-1AB08   
060G1229 MBS 32-2415-1AB08    
060G1239 MBS 32-2615-1AB08    
060G1249 MBS 32-2815-1AB08    
060G1259 MBS 32-3015-1AB08     
060G1260 MBS 32-3215-1AB08    
060G1261 MBS 32-3415-1AB08     
060G1262 MBS 32-3615-1AB08   
060G1263 MBS 32-3815-1AB08/0-600BAR    
060G1264 MBS 32-1025-1AB08     
060G1267 MBS 32-1625-1AB08     
060G1268 MBS 32-1825-1AB08   
060G1269 MBS 32-2025-1AB08    
060G1270 MBS 32-2225-1AB08    
060G1271 MBS 32-2425-1AB08     
060G1276 MBS 32-1824-1AB08     
060G1286 MBS 32-2214-1AB08    
060G1287 MBS 32-2414-1AB08     
060G1294 MBS 32-3814-1AB08     
060G1367 MBS 3100-1611-6AB04    
060G1368 MBS 3100-1811-6AB04     
060G1369 MBS 3100-2011-6AB04    
060G1370 MBS 3100-2211-6AB04     
060G1371 MBS 3100-2411-6AB04   
060G1372 MBS 3100-2611-6AB04     
060G1408 MBS 3050-3811-1FB04   
060G1429 MBS 3000-1211-1AB04    
060G1430 MBS 3000-2411-1AB04  
060G1463 MBS 3100-1611-6BB04 MARINE    
060G1464 MBS 3100-1811-6BB04 MARINE    
060G1465 MBS 3100-2011-6BB04 MARINE     
060G1466 MBS 3100-2211-6BB04 MARINE    
060G1467 MBS 3100-2411-6BB04 MARINE   
060G1468 MBS 3100-2611-6BB04 MARINE    
060G1471 MBS 3100-2011-6AB08 MARINE     
060G1778 MBS 3250-3811-1GB04-1   
060G1779 MBS 3250-3411-1GB04-1    
060G1790 MBS 3250-2611-1GB04-1     
060G1791 MBS 3250-2011-1GB04-1    
060G1860 MBS 3250-1211-1GB04-1    
060G1861 MBS 3250-1411-1GB04-1   
060G1863 MBS 3250-1811-1GB04-1    
060G1864 MBS 3250-2211-1GB04-1    
060G1865 MBS 3250-2411-1GB04-1     
060G1867 MBS 3250-3011-1GB04-1    
060G1869 MBS 3250-3611-1GB04-1    
060G1870 MBS 3200-1011-1AB08-0    
060G1871 MBS 3200-1211-1AB08-0    
060G1872 MBS 3200-1411-1AB08-0    
060G1873 MBS 3200-1611-1AB08-0    
060G1874 MBS 3200-1811-1AB08-0  
060G1875 MBS 3200-2011-1AB08-0    
060G1876 MBS 3200-2211-1AB08-0    
060G1877 MBS 3200-2411-1AB08-0   
060G1878 MBS 3200-2611-1AB08-0    
060G1879 MBS 3200-2811-1AB08-0    
060G1882 MBS 3200-3411-1AB08-0    
060G2085 MBS 32-2015-1AB08    
060G2401 MBS 4500-1011-1AB08   
060G2402 MBS 4500-1211-1AB08    
060G2403 MBS 4500-1211-1AB08   
060G2404 MBS 4500-1611-1AB08    
060G2405 MBS 4500-1811-1AB08    
060G2406 MBS 4500-2011-1AB08    
060G2407 MBS 4500-2211-1AB08    
060G2408 MBS 4500-2411-1AB08    
060G2418 MBS 4510-0411-1CB12   
060G2419 MBS 4510-0611-1CB12    
060G2420 MBS 4510-0811-1CB12   
060G2421 MBS4510-1011-1CB12   
060G2422 MBS 4510-1211-1CB12    
060G2423 MBS 4510-1411-1CB12   
060G2424 MBS 4510-1611-1CB12     
060G2425 MBS 4510-1811-1CB12   
060G2426 MBS 4510-2011-1CB12    
060G2427 MBS 4510-2211-1CB12   
060G2428 MBS 4510-2411-1CB12    
060G2449 MBS 4500     
060G2505 DN 40 Sanitary adapter for MBS 4510    
060G2506 DN 50 DIN11851   
060G3006 MBS 33-1011-1AB08    
060G3007 MBS 33-1211-1AB08     
060G3008 MBS 33-1411-1AB08    
060G3009 MBS 33-1611-1AB08    
060G3010 MBS 33-1811-1AB08    
060G3011 MBS 33-2011-1AB08     
060G3012 MBS 33-2211-1AB08  
060G3013 MBS 33-2411-1AB08 
060G3014 MBS 33-2611-1AB08   
060G3015 MBS 33-2811-1AB08     
060G3016 MBS 33-3011-1AB08     
060G3017 MBS 33-3211-1AB08   
060G3018 MBS 33-3411-1AB08
060G3019 MBS 33-3611-1AB08 
060G3020 MBS 33-3811-1AB08
060G3036 MBS 33-1021-1AB08
060G3037 MBS 33-1221-1AB08
060G3038 MBS 33-1421-1AB08
060G3039 MBS 33-1621-1AB08
060G3040 MBS 33-1821-1AB08
060G3041 MBS 33-2021-1AB08
060G3042 MBS 33-2221-1AB08/0-16BAR ABS
060G3043 MBS 33-2421-1AB08/PAB 0-25BAR
060G3050 MBS 32-1225-1AB08
060G3056 MBS 33-1011-3AB08
060G3058 MBS 33-1411-3AB08
060G3059 MBS 33-1611-3AB08
060G3060 MBS 33-1811-3AB08
060G3061 MBS 33-2011-3AB08
060G3064 MBS 33-2611-3AB08
060G3067 MBS33     £224.65
060G3068 MBS 33-3411-3AB08
060G3069 MBS33
060G3079 MBS 32-2014-1AB08
060G3086 MBS33M
060G3087 MBS33
060G3089 MBS 33-1621-3AB08
060G3090 MBS 33-1821-3AB08
060G3091 MBS 33-2021-3AB08
060G3092 MBS33
060G3121 MBS33M
060G3122 MBS33M 0-1.6BAR
060G3123 MBS33M
060G3124 MBS33M
060G3125 MBS33M
060G3132 MBS33M 0-160BAR
060G3133 MBS33M 0-250 BAR
060G3134 MBS33M 0-400BAR
060G3206 MBS4010 0-16BAR
060G3207 MBS4010 0-25BAR
060G3215 MBS4010 0-25BAR
060G3216 MBS4010 0-40BAR
060G3217 MBS4010 0-60BAR
060G3266 MBS 4050-1611-1EB08. 0-4BAR
060G3267 MBS 4050-1811-1EB08. 0-6BAR
060G3268 MBS 4050-2011-1EB08
060G3269 MBS 4050-2211-1EB08
060G3270 MBS 4050-2411-1EB08
060G3271 MBS 4050-2611-1EB08. 0-4BAR
060G3272 MBS 4050-2811-1EB08
060G3273 MBS 4050-3011-1EB08. 0-100BAR
060G3274 MBS 4050-3211-1EB08
060G3275 MBS 4050-3411-1EB08
060G3276 MBS 4050-3611-1EB08
060G3277 MBS 4050-3811-1EB08. 0-600BAR
060G3380 MBS 4050-3211-1FB04. 0-160BAR
060G3381 MBS 4050-3411-1FB04
060G3382 MBS 4050-3611-1FB04
060G3383 MBS 4050-3811-1FB04
060G3388 MBS 3100-2611-6AB08 MARINE
060G4300 MBS 4701-1211-1AB08. 0-1.6BAR EEX
060G4301 MBS 4701-2211-1AB08. EXT6 PLUG
060G4302 MBS 4701-2811-1AB08. 0-60BAR EEX
060G4303 MBS 4701-1011-1AB08. EXT6 PLUG
060G4304 MBS 4701-1411-1AB08. 0-2.5BAR EEX
060G4305 MBS 4701-1611-1AB08. EXT6 PLUG
060G4306 MBS 4701-1811-1AB08. EXT6 PLUG
060G4307 MBS 4701-2011-1AB08. EXT6 PLUG
060G4308 MBS 4701-2411-1AB08. EXT6 PLUG
060G4309 MBS 4701-2611-1AB08. 0-40BAR EEX
060G4310 MBS 4701-3011-1AB08. EXT6 PLUG
060G4311 MBS 4751-3211-1AB08. 0-160BAR EEX
060G4312 MBS 4751-3411-1AB08. 0-250BAR EEX
060G4313 MBS 4751-3611-1AB08. EXT6 PLUG
060G4314 MBS 4751-3811-1AB08. EXT6 PLUG
060N1012 MBS 5100-1211-1DB04
060N1032 MBS 5100-1011-1DB04
060N1033 MBS 5100-1411-1DB04 
060N1034 MBS 5100-1611-1DB04
060N1035 MBS 5100-1811-1DB04
060N1036 MBS 5100-2011-1DB04
060N1037 MBS 5100-2211-1DB04
060N1038 MBS 5100-2411-1DB04
060N1039 MBS 5100-2611-1DB04
060N1040 MBS 5100-2811-1DB04
060N1041 MBS 5100-3011-1DB04
060N1063 MBS 5150-1811-1DB04
060N1064 MBS 5150-2011-1DB04
060N1065 MBS 5150-2211-1DB04
060N1066 MBS 5150-2611-1DB04
060N1081 MBS 5150-1011-1DB04
060N1083 MBS 5150-1411-1DB04
060N1084 MBS 5150-1611-1DB04
060N1085 MBS 5150-2411-1DB04
060N1086 MBS 5150-2811-1DB04
060N1087 MBS 5150-3011-1DB04