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Danfoss Industrial Automation

Danfoss Industrial Automation manufactures products and customer specific solutions for industrial monitoring and controls systems based on the principles of pressure and temperature measurement, electrical power and fluid control.

Danfoss Industrial Automation products include controls for process control and regulation such as solenoid, externally and thermostatically operated valves, temperature and pressure transmitters and switches as well as contactors and motor starters.
Danfoss Industrial Automation
Key Areas
Mobile industrial hydraulics
Industrial boilers
District heating

Fluid Control
Solenoid valves
Vacuum valves
Coils for valves
Pneumatically operated valves
Thermostatic valves

Pressure Monitoring & Control
Pressure transmitters
Pressure switches
Differetial pressure switches

Temperature Monitoring & Control
Temperature sensors
Temperature switches
Differential temperature switches

Contactors & Motor Starters
Overload relays
Circuit breakers
DOL motor starters
Electronic motor starters
Electronic timers
Electronic soft starters
Electronic contactors
Electronic motor contactors

Accessories & Spare Parts
Additional and Spare items for Danfoss Industrial Controls Equipment - See individual ranges

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