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AVTA Thermostatic valves

The self-acting Danfoss AVTA valve has been a customer favourite for almost 60 years. Predominantly used in cooling applications, the valve’s continual development has given customers better choice and performance for their applications. When Danfoss introduced the AVTA thermostatic valve, microchips were not part of our language. 

Today, the AVTA is critical to the production of microchips, helping the 200 vacuum pumps in a typical chip manufacturing facility maintain the correct temperature while proving the valve’s versatility and longevity as an ideal component for simple and precise temperature control. 

While constant temperature is critical in chip manufacturing, it’s also important in other industries. Often, even minimal variations in temperature can have an adverse impact on product quality and profit.

The simplest way to ensure consistent temperature is by installing a Danfoss AVTA (or the larger WVTS) thermostatic valve. The AVTA needs no power, so if the electricity supply is interrupted, the cooling system won’t fail. The AVTA uses small changes in temperature to move the valve cone and proportionally change the coolant flow.

In addition, the AVTA: 
• Is insensitive to dirt, increasing reliability while reducing maintenance costs, 
• Is insensitive to water pressure, ensuring reliable function throughout the entire pressure range, 
• Minimises the consumption of cooling water, 
• Can operate from 0 bar differential pressure, 
• Adjusts the temperature to the required value with a high degree of precision, and 
• Is easier to install than electrical control valve solutions.

Commonly used in hydraulic power stations (Power Packs), the AVTA valve maintains the oil at a fixed temperature of 50°C. This is essential work, because if the temperature rises above 50°C, the oil will start to break down – making it unfit for use.

The AVTA valve is also used in the production of microchips. Since the 1980s, billions of chips have been produced – and there are usually about two hundred vacuum pumps in each factory maintaining pressure in the tanks. The AVTA valve helps the pumps stay at the correct temperature (with a variance no greater than +/-2°C). Again, this work is essential – if just one pump fails, the whole batch of chips has to be discarded.

Just as the variety of applications has developed over the years, so too has the AVTA valve. It is now available in de-zincification resistant brass, as well as acid-proof stainless steel to cope with aggressive media. It can even be supplied in titanium to order! The AVTA valve has seen a lot of changes – it’s evolved to suit customer requirements and today is used in numerous hi-tech applications.

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